Saturday, February 27, 2010

Massage And Your Health

It's time we rethink the way we look at massage. Living in beautiful Orange County, with its overflowing amenities and posh environment, it's easy to see how so many of the locals have associated massage with a luxurious frill. But I'm here to tell you: Massage is not a frill, its fundamental!

Therapeutic Massage is quickly gaining momentum as a method of healthcare. Massage Therapy has long been associated with numerous health benefits. As time progresses, more and more people are taking a look at the way that massage therapy can positively affect their lives.

Massage is not only valuable physiologically to the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems but has shown to have great effects psychologically as well. Many people suffering from chronic anxiety and depression have found that the addition of regular massage to their lifestyle can help significantly reduce the impact of such mood disorders. The promotion of general relaxation not only reduces stress but conversely impacts blood pressure, immune function, and overall heart health. Reduced stress also makes for better relationships and helps regulate sleep patterns. All these positive side effects translate into longer lifespan and a happier outlook on life. Massage is not an indulgence, its indispensable!

Not only are the benefits of stress reduction easy to see, but the negative side effects of too much stress are also clearly seen. Studies have shown that heightened stress levels also increase the suffering related to pain and illness. As if that weren't enough, the relation between stress and weight gain have long been apparent. Do yourself a favor and stop thinking of massage as a "once in a blue moon" pampering session. Rather, consider using therapeutic massage as a preventative addition to your healthcare regimen.

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